Writing Sample Writing/Scoring Procedure

(To be used by ESs for the yearly writing samples)

Writing Assignment

Each year the school will focus on a different type of writing. Each ES will collect a sample of that writing by the December LR meetings. These samples will be scored according to the school rubric in January, and saved as our school writing samples for that year. Parents/students will receive feedback in February. A copy of the writing for each year will follow the student throughout their school career to be used by the ESs as needed. All students may participate, but 2nd to 11th graders, and 12th graders who have not yet passed CAHSEE ELA are required to participate.

Our school goal is to improve everyone's writing skills through this process, provide support to our parents in this important area of their student’s education, and remove the fear and mystery for students around their STAR writing and CAHSEE ELA assessments, as well as prepare our students for various college admission essays.

Specific Directions for Writing

o Students in grades 2 through 11/12 are asked to write from a writing prompt for that school year.

o Students will complete one draft for the assignment.

o We suggest that the students write on every other line, so they can make any necessary corrections to their rough draft.

o ESs will read and score the student narratives. We will use specific guidelines (rubrics) to score the student writing samples found on the writing portion of the handbook.

o We will examine essays to see if ideas and concepts are thoroughly developed and supported with appropriate details. We will also evaluate the essays for organization, sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics (i.e., spelling, punctuation, capitalization).

o This assignment is designed to be a positive experience for the student to encourage and build on their writing abilities.

Preparation for Scoring

ESs will collect all writing assignments and the prompt they used at the December LR meeting. Each ES will print out the rubric for that year’s writing posted on the school website (Curriculum/Writing page) to attach to the front of each student’s assignment along with the writing prompt used (if not written out on the student’s sample), complete the info at the top and bottom (if applicable) of the rubric form, but DO NOT SCORE! ESs will bring these to their January ES Group Meetings.

Specific Directions for Scoring

At the January ES Group Meeting, these steps will be followed:

Scoring Feedback

After scoring the samples, ESs will be asked to provide feedback to their AF who will collect and pass the information to the school admin on the following:

After Samples are Scored

1. Mail the Original writing samples with scored rubrics in one packet to the school office by the first Friday in March. Mail originals to: (school) Writing Samples, 1166 Broadway, Suite Q, Placerville, CA 95667.

2. One copy is to be kept in the ESs student file to follow the student while they are enrolled in our school. It can be used from year to year to show student progress/suggest areas to work on/etc.

3. One copy should be given to the parent/student at their February LR meeting. Use this as a productive educational session. Plan to explain to them why they received the scores they did, and what they can do to improve their writing. It would be a good time to provide some helpful writing curriculum ideas and/or weblinks for further practice. You might want to ask your students to do a rewrite based on the scoring info that you will score for them at the end of the year.