OGCS Charter School Board of Directors Meeting


Wednesday                                                                     OGCS Admin Office

6 PM                                                                                 16900 Hwy. 9

8/27/08                                                                             Boulder Creek, CA. 95006


1.      CALL TO ORDER- The meeting was called to order at 6:03. 


3.      ROLL CALL-Corporate officers present: Janet Marsh, ES Support Director; Becky Cote, Education Services Director; Mary Ann Shapiro, Educational Liason. 16 Board Members present: Mary Andersen, Mary Burns, Mary Griffith, Lisa Gullman, Silvia Lakoduk, Barbara Lincoln, Michele Luccketta, Rosa Meyer, Suzanne Nichols, Mark Pursell, Debbie Schatmeier, Sue Sutherlin, Tina Swanson, Deborah Wallace, Jacqueline Williams, Mindy Ybarra

4.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA-Sue Sutherlin motioned to approve agenda; Deborah Wallace seconds. Approval of the agenda followed the discussion below, with Lisa Gullman making a motion to approve action items #1, #4, tabling items #2, #3 for next time. Second by Mary Griffith. Passed unanimously.

5.      HEARING OF THE PUBLIC Mary Griffith voiced concern re: action items #2, #3 on this agenda: that Board Members were not provided with documentation of these items to review prior to voting. Becky informed the Board that these particular documents were sent to the Finance Sub-Committee, who represents the Board of Directors as a whole. This Committee reviews and accepts material, and the Board trusts their judgment as Representatives of the Board. Current Finance Committee Members are: Philip Mills, Robin Bayer, and Barbara Lincoln (whose membership on this committee was confirmed this meeting after she had volunteered three times.) Janet confirmed the Sub-Committee review process mentioned by Becky is the way the District has mandated that we do business. Janet then offered that these documents can be specially requested. Becky said that these documents will be provided for all to review before the next Board Meeting, when they will be addressed. The next Board of Directors Meeting is November 5,  2008.




 Consideration of Consent Agenda- As mentioned above,  Lisa Gullman motioned to divide items 1-4 of the Consent Agenda, addressing only #1, #4 this meeting, and tabling #2, #3 for next meeting. Passed unanimously.


Personnel and Business Services:


1.      Ratification of Employment and Resignation Report (See attached “August 2008/09  OGCS Certificated and Classified Employees Report”) Mary Ann read the Employment Update.

2.      Ratification of ‘08 OGCS Budget Cash Flow statement (See attached PDF ‘08 Budget Cash Flow Report).  Previously reviewed by OGCS Finance Committee. Tabled for next meeting.

3.       Ratification of pay warrants for the months of May through August, 2008. (See attached PDF file “MayAug08”).  Previously reviewed by OGCS Finance Committee. Tabled for next meeting.

4.      Approval of May 14, 2008 minutes.

Motion to approve minutes by Mary Anderson                                                                   

Seconded by       Sue Sutherlin                                                                 




A.     Welcome new Board Members: Mary Ann welcomed new Board Members: Tina Swanson, Kim Wickstrum, and   Jacqueline Williams.

B.     Duties of Board Members Mary Ann read the official school guidelines on “The Role of the Board Member”

C.     Board Committees: Graduation Committee:  Mary Ann announced that a Graduation Committee is being formed this year to help with fundraising, planning, and arrangements for this year’s Graduation Ceremony. Graduation is scheduled for  Saturday, May 16, 2009; 8th Grade Commencement at 3:00 pm, High School Commencement at 4:00.  This date was chosen to avoid Memorial Day conflicts, as well as Friday night traffic/conflicts for parents. Current members of this subcommittee are: Michele Price (not present), and Suzanne Nichols volunteered for this Committee. 

 GEA Committee;  Deborah Schatmeier and Mary Griffith volunteered to serve on this committee that helps decide and research GEA activities. It was arranged that they would submit specific questions to Mary Ann Shapiro via email.

 Fundraising Committee:   Mary Ann reported $500. In E-script account; she explained that these funds are allocated for graduation expenses, including a reception. Mary Ann  said that a packet would come up soon to this committee explaining E-Script participation information with Safeway, Quality of Life, Thirfty, and Target stores.

Sue Sutherlin is the only Board Member on this committee. At least one other volunteer for this position was requested.

Star Test Committee:  Becky explained the role of this committee is to help Proctors at test sites, provide feedback regarding participation incentives (to be reviewed by Directors for approval).

Board Member s on this committee are: Deborah Schatmeier and Michele Price (not present). Jacqueline Williams requested further information about this position, and mentioned she’d be interested in volunteering for this committee. Jacqueline mentioned she’d heard of a mistake in recording scores at her local test site. Becky responded that she did not hear of that particular situation.

Yearbook Committee:  Becky mentioned that Ocean Grove is seeking to publish a yearbook for the first time. She noted that Connecting Waters published their first yearbook after 4 years of operation., and that Sky Mountain has yearbooks as well. Mary Griffith requiested copies of the Connecting Waters as well as Sky Mountain yearbooks. Interested parents for this committee are: Mary Griffith, Barbara Lincoln, and Rosa Meyer.


D.      Enrollment Report: Janet Marsh reported that as of the date of this meeting, Ocean Grove  has 782 Active Students, 134 Prospective Students, and 60 students who are soon to be active (‘pending”). When these students become active, the final number will be 917 students.

E.      WASC Information:  Becky gave an update on WASC Accreditation: Beginning September, 2008, new courses are being devised for the A-G requirements. This will result in the requirement of specific text books. Parents and ESs will be informed of these changes as soon as they are in place; this announcement will be posted on the Board of Directors Agendas, Parent Listserve, and OGCS Newsletter. Becky further noted that our A-G requirements from last year are fine, and this new requirements would apply only to new students and subsequent semesters. Becky offered to send a personal email to Barbara Lincoln with an email link re: A-G coursework suggestions.

F.      WASC Committee:  Becky reported that a WASC sub-committee needs to be formed for when Ocean Grove is under review for accreditation this school year, and next school year. This Parent Committee develops tasks and duties. These committee meetings will commence after the Holidays.  Becky announced the Accreditation Review Schedule as follows: Part 1: Novenmber, 2008; Part 2: March, 2008; Part 3: September, 2009.  When specific dates are confirmed, Board will be notified. Members of this committee are:  Sheri Calderon, Nancy Garbini, Barbara Lincoln, and Deborah Schatmeier.



8.      ADJOURN: Motion to adjourn meeting—Sue Sutherlin. Second by Jacqueline Williams. Passed unanimously.


Minutes submitted by: Kim Beaumont, Ocean Grove Secretary


This agenda was posted at least 72 hours at the IEM, Inc. Offices, 1166 Broadway Ste. Q, Placerville, CA, San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District, and Ben Lomond, CA. It was also posted at Ocean Grove Charter School, 16900 Hwy. 9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006