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Next Board/Council Meetings

Our next governing board meeting is: June 19 @ 6p Agenda
Our next parent council meeting is: TBD

Please see our page Governing Board and Parent Council for details. 


Education is the Foundation

We commit to providing innovative public education environments for students, their parents and teachers by empowering them to collaboratively create learning opportunities which will develop responsible and contributing members of society.


Each student’s test results will be reported to parents within 20 working days after the school receives them. We receive the results late July and send them out by mid-August each year in the mail.


Individual student results are confidential and will only be seen by the parents/guardians/adult students and their ES. The results are entered into our school database program for ES usage and hard copies are stored in the Assessment Department files for school usage. Results are also placed into the student’s cumulative file unless requested by parents to NOT be filed there as indicated on the student agreement completed with the ES.

Test Results Usage

Parents/guardians/adult students and the ES use individual STAR results to help monitor each students academic progress. The test results are used as one tool to make decisions regarding individual curriculum choices appropiate for your student.

Individual student results are merged into aggregate grade-level reports by subject area for each school, district, county, and the state. California Standards and SAT test results are used to calculate the Academic Performance Index (API) and the AYP for each school. The API & AYP, major components of the state’s accountability program, are used to rank the academic performance of schools, set targets for growth, and monitor progress over time. These aggregate reports are usedfor WASC accreditation/renewal and for school renewal.

What Our Parents Say About Our Education Specialists

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