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Need help with your plan? Make an appointment with one of the our guidance coordinators. Each student's Guidance Coordinator will be based on the last name of the Education Specialist (ES). Click on the buttons above to sign up for a meeting.

If you have questions about enrolling in our school, please visit our Enroll page or call Parent Support at 1-800-979-4436.


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Please send official transcripts to:

IEM Transcripts 
4535 Missouri Flat Road, Suite 1A 
Placerville, CA 95667

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The parent is responsible for enrolling the student by contacting the college admissions office. The parent must identify their student as being currently enrolled in a public high school. Each community college is able to set its own standards for admittance, such as a minimum age, demonstrated ability, or professor approval. Most colleges accept a completed form that is scanned. In this case, please allow 1 school week to complete the entire process. In some cases, colleges can require original documents. When this is the case, please allow at least 3 weeks for a completed process. Concurrent enrollment paperwork must be completed for high school students every semester/quarter.

  1. Parent prints out the college's concurrent enrollment form, (forms can be found at the IEM Concurrent Forms Cheat Sheet OR at the college website under enrollment/admissions).
  2. Parent fills out the form including desired classes and alternate choices.  Be sure to include required signatures of parent and/or student.

  3. Meet with your ES to discuss taking college course/s. Your ES will review the course information and will review and pre-approves the course selections.

  4. Parent send completed form to ES.  ES will then submit the ES Approval/Denial Survey.

  5. The guidance coordinator gives final approval, signs the form, and mails the college's form to the parent or the ES.

  6. It is the parent or student’s responsibility to forward the signed concurrent enrollment form to the College’s Admission and Records Office.

  7. Students still need to show all of their work to the ES to receive credit for the course.  Therefore, make copies of the work for your ES before turning it into the professor since some college professors do not return the work samples.  

  8. The grade given by the professor is the grade that is recorded for the student with the school.  Please give your ES a copy of the final grade report card.

  9.  Upon completion all of the course(s), the student must request an official transcript from the Community College to be sent directly to Student Records at IEM: 4535 Missouri Flat Road, Suite 1A, Placerville, CA 95667

4535 Missouri Flat Road, Suite 1A  Placerville, CA 95667
Phone 800-979-4436 
Fax 530-295-3583

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